Dear friends, we bring you a new Review from PROFESSIONAL Photographer, Roberto Moiola – ClickAlps,

He tested our new ZERO products during 15 days journey across Scandinavia. Enjoy!!!

You can find it on page:

Italian version:

English version:

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Since we developed and produced first Ray Masters – Camera Filter passed 2 years. Roberto Moiola was the person who has believed us and has worked with us from the start. He works as manager and workshop organizer for the Italian Photography Group – ClickAlps,,,

Let us introduce our new ND filters production technology – ZERO!!! WE DID IT!!!

New ZERO series filters are more than 2 times better. Color reproduction is awesome and these filters eliminate magenta cast also when you combine it with less quality filter from other brands.

And the best info is that guys from Ray Masters decide to use this technology on all ND filters production without price affecting!!! That’s GREAT!!! ZERO RULES!!!

Stay tuned for more informations.

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