Master Range

High Density Optical Glass

Master LITE and Master PRO

Square Solid Camera Filters, made from High Quality Optical Glass. They have same density throughout filter space. Two brothers LITE(ND64) 6 stops and PRO(ND1000) 10 stops for extra long exposure.
These filters are able to use with full or gradual filters in stacking mode with great results.


  • superior optical quality
  • highly stackable
  • total neutral
  • standart dimensions 100x100mm, 150x150mm
  • compatible with all known Holder Systems

Ray Masters vs LEE vs HiTech comparasion by Pali Hradisky

Master PRO vs LEE Big Stopper vs Hitech ND1000

Hitech vs Lee - AWB settings

As you can see LEE has more natural look than Hitech but still causes BLUE colorcast. It is still corectable in postprocess.

Lee vs Ray Masters - AWB settings

Master PRO does not need any postprocess correction. It has the most natural look. Full article in Slovak Language.

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