Hello friends. You’ve probable noticed I’ve been raving about a new set of filters I received from Ray Masters Camera Filters.
I’m honoured and thrilled to be their Canadian ambassador.
I use Neutral Density filters quite often when shooting lakes, rivers and waterfalls. Over the years I’ve spend hundreds on different brands, some cheap and some expensive. All with varying results. I was searching for an easier answer to screw on filters and quite frankly could not afford/justify spending a thousand dollars on a square slip in format filter system.
That’s when I discovered Ray Masters.
I’ll be honest, I was a bit spectacle because of the very reasonable price point but let me tell you I am no longer.
They came very well packaged and the mount is a nice, slim metal design, durable quality and produces no vignettes. The resin filters are hard and scratch resistant and they produce absolutely no colour shift, something that can’t be said for a lot of the ND Filters on the market these days and that includes some of the expensive competitions products.

Ray Masters Zero line offers just that. Zero colour cast and I love it.
Available in all ranges and sizes from a full 10 stop hard ND to the very soft Graduated ND Filters and Ray Masters is always coming out with different filters to get the job done. They never sleep.

For an affordable ND system I highly recommend you check out their product line.
They’ll be my go to Filters from now on.

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