Since we developed and produced first Ray Masters – Camera Filter passed 2 years. Roberto Moiola was the person who has believed us and has worked with us from the start. He works as manager and workshop organizer for the Italian Photography Group – ClickAlps,,,

After 2 years of collaborating with Roberto and ClickAlps we developed new filters technology and series – we called it ZERO. During pastyears we have always tried to achieve best quality and best price/quality ratio. We have many positive feedback from the photographers from over the world. The satisfied photographer – camera filter user is the best feedback for us.

At the moment Roberto is testing NEW ZERO 100mm and 150mm series in the field, he is on the North Europe visit. We have still new informations right from the field from him. Results are just amazing.

Stay tuned, new informations from the field on our social media:,,,


Here are some photos from the field:


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